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Rio Ter, Girona

The Ter River rises in Ulldeter at an altitude of 2480 metres at the foot of a glacial cirque in the Pyrenean region of Ripollés, Catalonia (Spain), very close to the town of Setcases and, after a length of just over 200 km, flows into the Mediterranean Sea downstream of Torroella de Montgrí.
The River Ter, which is 208 km long, is the longest and most voluminous (25m³/s) of the internal Catalan basins. It begins in Ulldeter, in the Eastern Pyrenees, and crosses the regions of Ripollés, Osona, Selva, and Gironés, passing through the city of Girona, and the Baix Empordà, flowing into the Mediterranean at the Gola del Ter, between the towns of Estartit and Pals. Between Osona and La Selva is the Sau-Susqueda-Pasteral system of reservoirs, designed to regulate the flow, produce electricity and supply 8 m³/s to the Barcelona metropolitan area for consumption.

The Ter River Basin, located in the Eastern Pyrenees, is another important one in Catalonia. Among its tributaries we can highlight the Freser, a trout river par excellence, belonging to the few in the group with a genetic reserve of wild native trout.

The River Ter has a long stretch of land with limited and free fishing areas where the common native trout live, and in some areas we have good rainbow trout. Its sandy bed and pebble stones make it easy to wade in most of the fishing areas.

It is considered one of the best trout rivers in Europe.
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