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Cijara lake, Toledo

The Cijara reservoir, these Extremaduran waters are excellent for the development of fishing in general. The variety and quality of the different species that populate it, make Cijara one of the best reservoirs in the peninsula for fishing. Basses, barbos comizos and pike, make that we can enjoy unforgettable days in its waters, but if for something stands out this reservoir is for its huge pike. Every year it is common to catch huge specimens that weigh more than ten kilos, fish between 10 and 15 kilos are caught every year, even taking some pike above that weight. These sizes make this reservoir a unique and different place within the peninsula and even Europe.

This is a large reservoir, which makes it somewhat more complicated to locate the fish, but depending on the time of year we are, we will choose one area or another. In the summer season we will focus on the area around the dam and the central area of the reservoir, this area has deeper and better oxygenated waters, which means that the large pike are located there. It is also quite common for them to be found suspended in mid-water. Moreover, at this time of year, schools of alburninos are very common in these areas of the reservoir, attracting pike and other predators such as bass and barbel.

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