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Boyne River, Ireland

No doubt in my humble opinion as founder of the fishing school, I consider it a magical place and for me a talisman. 

In May 2018 I was lucky enough to catch my first salmon, after having travelled the most renowned rivers in Ireland. 


The beautiful animal was carefully returned to the water and weighed a whopping 8 kilos. 


This place is less than 50 km from Dublin. It also has one of the healthiest trout populations on the east coast of Ireland.

In addition, this site is very close to two of the most important historical and human centres, such as the Battle of the Boyne and Newgrange, and Slane Castle. For this reason, and for many more reasons, it is a place that even if you don't fish is almost the least important thing, because the surroundings are fairytale. 


It has its own beer, the Boyne IPA, which I would definitely recommend you try if you want to.



Salmon Boyne Ignacio.jpg
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